HI, I am Gordon G4ZPY ,and I would like to introduce you to some of our very fine
Morse Keys. Manufactured from top quality materials, our keys are renowned for
their quality and reliability.
Used by Amateurs and Professionals throughout the World.
All our Keys are “Made to Order,” because we have the largest selection in the
World, and they are in constant demand.

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Numbers illustrated in the above Picture, are relevant to the
following descriptions and not the Stock/Price List below.
G4ZPY TROPHY MODELHere is a Golden opportunity for your Radio Society to own a superb 24kt Gold Plated Trophy that will be the envy of other Societies, and improve the aesthetics of any Clubroom or Radio Shack.
The SOVEREIGN Trophy has a British Gold Half Sovereign inlaid in the top of the knob. These Magnificent Morse Keys are contained in real glass Cabinets that have Gold Plated edging.

G4ZPY PUMP (Straight ) KEYS. # 1 and # 2 in the large Picture, illustrate the type of design of # 1 to # 7, and # 53 on the Stock/Price List. # 3 illustrates # 12 and # 35 on the Stock/Price List. All Keys, from the cheapest to the most expensive, incorporate the same high quality movement, and are made of top quality Brass.
Key Arms are pivoted in excellent smooth, free action, self-lubricating bush type bearings, giving unlimited years of use.
The screws that secure the components to Stone and Marble Bases are cemented into the base so as not to weaken the material. All Keys have Baize underneath the Base.

G4ZPY Micro Miniature PUMP KEY.
Have you seen our “BABY”? It was designed after numerous requests. It is actually a working model, with all the adjustments that our larger keys have. The Key arm is hexagon, and only 25 mm long. The Contacts are Silver to Silver. This was initially designed as a novelty, but many of our customers have told us that they have successfully made contacts with it. One lady in England, who is badly crippled with Arthritis, actually passed her 12-wpm Morse Test using one. This little Key is supplied in a Plastic see-through box. We think that it is the smallest fully adjustable working key in the World, unless you know different!

# 4 in the large picture illustrates our peculiar looking Single lever key. We fit 2 Paddles on them for ease of use. These Paddles are customized with side Facets to give a pleasant “feel”. Space between the finger and thumb is either 12 mm or 18 mm (optional). Mounted between 2 Bearing Balls, the Key arm is “touch” sensitive, and we recommend only a very close Contact gap of 0.04 mm to 0.12 mm (1 to 3 thousands of an inch). Crushable Plastic washers are fitted to the Adjustable Contacts to aid final micro adjustment.
Mounted on an 80 mm x 80 mm x 10 mm enamel coated Steel Base, the Deluxe model is fitted with a 305 mm Stereo Jack Socket, and supplied with a Jack Plug. The Key has been tested at speeds of 45 wpm in the UK. And proved to be very popular among Single Lever key users.

Illustrated below, is our SINGLE LEVER COMBO. This Unit has been designed with speed control of 8 to 60 wpm, Power switch/ Key down switch, Auto Inter-Character Spacing switch, a loud/off/soft Side tone switch, and a Stereo socket located underneath the Paddles so that if desired, the Iambic Keyer may be used with another Key. The Unit is powered externally with a PP3. 9 volt Battery. If using a positive polarized Tcvr, it may be powered from the Trcv's 12 volt power supply.

The Key can be used on its own when the Power is disconnected.
# ,6,7, and 8 in the large picture, illustrate our Twin Paddle Iambic Keys. These Keys are renown for their quality and efficiency all over the World. Our original Key was tested at 45 wpm, but the VHS (Very High Speed) key has been tested in both America and France at speeds in excess of 60 wpm, and could not be faulted. The Pivot action of both models is a Concave to Convex, giving a smooth rolling action. We Guarantee, Our Keys will NOT fly apart when in use.

Each half of the split tilting disc is individually tensioned with an adjustable Spring controlled from a Tubular nut to the rear of the Key assembly. # 5 are fitted with triangular Paddles 3 mm thick. #7 (VHS) is fitted with 6 mm- thick Teardrop shaped Paddles. On the Combos, we fit Crescent shaped Paddles for high and low hand positions. These Paddles are 3 mm and 6 mm thick respectively. Bases of most models are made from Enamel coated Steel measuring 80 mm x 80 mm x 10 mm. Deluxe and VHS models are fitted with 3.5 mm Stereo Jack Sockets, and supplied with matching Plugs.

G4ZPY TWIN LEVER COMBOS are normally fitted with our own Iambic Keyer, but we will fit the TICK-2 or 3 Keyer on request. Our own Keyer is a simple but very efficient Unit designed for efficiency rather than Power economy. It is a Class "B" Iambic having dot and dash memory. The Keyer is fitted with "Auto Inter-Character Spacing (switchable), speed control of 8 to 60 wpm. Fixed standard weighting of 3:1, Power/Keydown switch, and a loud/off/soft Side tone switch. The Unit is powered from an external source of 6 to 15 volts DC. This Iambic Keyer may be purchased as a separate unit.

This Key was designed in 1991 by G4ZPY after many requests for a miniature for Mobile, Back Packing, and QRP. This design is light, (150 gms), may be strapped to the leg using Tape and Velcro that we supply, or adhered to the Steel surface of a QRP Transmitter or motor vehicle by the Plastic Magnet fitted to the Base.
This small compact Unit Base size measures only 45 mm x 45 mm, yet has all the refinements of our larger Keys. As with our larger Keys, the Plastic Paddles have side Facets to give that pleasant "feel". Within the Price, we will have your Call Sign engraved on the Key is so desired.
Latest addition to our range is the "3 in 1" COMBO. Besides having all the attributes of the "3 in 1" key, we have designed this so that it can be used in 3 ways:
As a Combo, the Key on it's own, or the Iambic TICK-2 (AND NOW TICK-3) programmable Keyer on it's own.
(Many of the 9 programs are accessible through the Key Paddles.)
This Unit can be purchased with either Magnetic Base, or small Rubber feet.
Tape and Velcro are also supplied with this Unit. Engraving of this Unit is not within the Price.
The TICK-3 ready assembled PCB may also be purchased as a separate item.


#60 and #61 on our price list are the "BIG BROTHER" to our "BABY" key listed as #55. This half size Straight Key has been designed for portable use, and weighs just 165g. Although it is a small key, it works as well as our our larger models.
A small key, capable of doing a BIG JOB!!
The base is made from two layers 75mm x 50mm x 6mm black plastic material. The working components are made from very highly polished top quality brass. The key arm is made from 75mm long by 10mm square material, and is pivoted in a"White metal" bush type bearing. The forward stop is pre-set to give optimun ballance. The adjustable contact, which is tipped with silver, has a fine thread and can be locked in positions with the Thumb Wheel. Although the knob is made of metal, it is insulated from the key arm.

G4ZPY PADDLE KEYS INTERNATIONAL proudly present their latest design in Morse Keys.

This key has been designed for the Radio Ham that has everything. The "Millennium Duo".
Two morse keys on the same base. A VHS Twin Paddle Iambic Key and a Straight Key. The Straight Key has a Gold Half Sovereign inlaid in the knob. Both keys are mounted on a 6-inch square by 3/8th inch thick base made of solid brass.
The entire assembly has been 24 ct Gold Plated and weighs approximately 2 kilograms.
Each key has been numbered on a special small plaque. #1 has already been sold.
Connections to both keys are made through 3.5 mm Jack Sockets; Matching Jack Plugs are supplied also.
The price for this beautifully engineered piece of equipment £560.00 + postage.







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